Barti Metal Processing Inc.

1969 Old Highway 14 Huron, SD 57350


Prepared Scrap Iron: Steel Cut to pieces from 18x18X 36 or smaller. 1/8 or thicker. Must be all steel; no tin, cast or electric motors. ____/ton

UnPrepared/Mixed Scrap Iron: Iron pieces larger than18x 18x 36. Whole machinery.(Plows, diggers etc.) May have cast, and electric motors, small amounts of tin/wire. No tires, ballast, capacitors or sealed containers are allowed ____/ton

Cars/Combines Drained: Rubber tires must be off of the vehicle and spare tires out of the car, all fluids must be drained including radiators transmission, rear end and engine oil. The gas tanks must be off of the vehicle drained and holes punched in them. Batteries must be taken out of the vehicle. Under no circumstances will cars or combines be accepted without the refrigerant being evacuated. All cars must have titles/VIN # _____/ton

Tin: Iron that is less than 1/8 thick, culverts and open ended barrels etc. _____/ton

#1 Cast Iron: Clean machinery, cast, brake drums, motor blocks etc. ____/ton

#2 Cast Iron: Sewer pipe, water hydrants, tubs and sinks. _____/ton

Aluminum: Aluminum free of steel, plastic, dirt etc. ______/lb

Aluminum Breakage: Aluminum with steel, plastic or other non aluminum ______/lb

#1Copper: New copper pipe, clean copper wire. No paint, no solder roughly 12 gauge or thicker______/lb

#2Copper: Any light wire, any copper with solder, paint or excess corrosion______/lb

Insulated Copper Wire: Copper wire with insulation _____/lb

Brass: Brass with no other metals attached._____/lb

Radiators: Brass and copper radiators with no other metals attached or inserted. _____/lb

Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel, No steel. ______/lb

Beverage Cans: Aluminum Cans only. Keep cat food cans separate from aluminum cans. Tin cans are not accepted. Cans must be dry. Wet cans will be subject to dockage _____/lb

*This list serves as merely a guideline; for more information, call (605)352-2072*