Barti Metal offers a variety of services to Huron and the surrounding areas, including:


Roll-off Containers and Lugger Boxes:

Barti Metal provides many local companies roll-off containers and lugger boxes for scrap metal and non-ferrous collection. Most containers are provided for on-site collection. Sizes range from 10 24 in length.

Off-Site Pick-up:

Barti Metal also provides off-site scrap clean-up for the surrounding area including farm yards and vehicle retrieval using a variety of mobile equipment.

Equipment and Facilities:

Barti Metal also has a wide variety of equipment necessary for the loading, unloading and processing of materials. We have 6 material handlers, 2 shears, a mobile logger/baler, 2 pay-loaders and a variety of trucks in order to best serve the needs of our customers. We also have an indoor baler for all non-ferrous goods such as aluminum cans, miscellaneous aluminum, radiators and assorted copper.